Istituto Comprensivo ”F.D’Amico”

The Italian school is an Istituto Comprensivo that teaches to pupils from 3 to 13.

It’s name is Istituto Comprensivo” F.D’Amico” is located in Rosolini (a small town with 23.000 inhabitants) in the south east of Sicily-Italy. For many years Rosolini used to be one of the biggest agricultural area involved in the intensive cultivation (almonds, grape, tomato, carobs, olives).

The students   interact with different cultures without having adequate tools to understand and relate them to their own.

Today more than ever the mission of our SCHOOL is:

  • providing adequate support to ensure that every person will be included in the school action,to develop an identity aware and open;
  • promote students’ ability and skills to make sense of the variety of their experiences;
  • reduce fragmentation and  give greater unity to their learning;
  • promote the  know how learning, learning to learn to avoid the early school leaving.