Roelof van Echten College

Mission & vision

A successful learning career for every child. That is what the Roelof van Echten College wants to achieve. Acting from the source of the Christian tradition we think it is important that a child will be respected at our school. We feel responsible for a good change from primary to our school. And from our school to further education or the labour market.How we deal with this? First, there is for every child appropriate education that suits his or her development possibilities. In addition, we offer different routes, which facilitate the transition to further education. To achieve this we work together with primary education, special education, secondary education and business. And we offer our employees a professional environment in which they can learn and grow. A successful learning career for every child. Parents, employees and cooperation partners may appeal to our Organization on this responsibility!

Our new school-buildings

In 2015 the school for lower general, higher general secondary education (Mavo,Havo) and pre-university education (VWO) from the Roelof van Echten College moved into a new building. But in the meantime a construction for a new school-building started for the in-service training, Lower Vocational Education (vmbo).