„Home for my family”

„Home for my family” 

The objective of this educational game is to foster effective group cooperation leading to problem solving.  How to design a home for three-generation family (children, parents, grandparents) and take the needs of every family member into consideration?1. Preparation

The teacher explains the topic and describes the objectives of the lesson. The students are encouraged to focus on the topic and generate new ideas by using brainstorming. They are divided into groups of four. They complete the chart that includes the needs of a multigenerational family. The chart will be the starting point for further work.

2. Activity

Each group receives the charts – house plans, cutout people (family members), words and expressions connected with the topic. The students have to complete the charts by designing living areas, sticking pictures and words or drawing missing elements. Afterwards, the projects are presented in front of the class.

3. Summary

Prioritization based on the charts and creating scoring system. Evaluation of the charts – summing up the points and selecting the winning group. Completing class chart. Every student completes the house plan with one selected element (picture, word or expression). In this way, the group work leads to creating one house project that satisfies the needs of all multigenerational family members.

  • Agnieszka Laczka
  • Wednesday, March 1st, 2017