New lesson idea

There’s a new lesson idea! It’s a game about the European History. Take a look!


New video about tailored teaching

In Italy, they implemented tailored teaching in their school: Istituto Comprensivo ”F.D’Amico”. This video is uploaded in ‘Good Practices’. Take a look!

Launch of on the 18th of January

On the 18th of January 2017, the website Level Complete was launched. There was a festivity, which you can see on the pictures. And during the launch, there was of course the opportunity to play Kahoot!

Our guest-speaker, mister Schuur, has spoken about internationalization. In the download you can find the summary of this lecture.

Level Complete

In this project teachers from schools from Rosolini (Italy), Trzebinia (Poland) and Hoogeveen (Netherlands) work together to learn more about (Digital) Game Based Learning ((D)GBL).

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