1st Questionnaire for students Erasmus + SP 6 Trzebinia

Erasmus-1 st Questionnaire for students– SP 6 Trzebinia

Evaluation students – The relationship and emotions Polish children after a visit to the Rossolini.

The relationship and emotions Polish children after, a visit to the Rossolini – Emilia

Prezentacja Sycylia (1)

Oliwia described the visit:

At the beginning there was fear,uncertainty, lots of questions in my head, without any answers but later there was joy, friendship, desire to meet people and see places and at the end there was sadness and great longing. This is how I can describe in a few words my experience of the Erasmus+ project and my visit to Sicily. Everything I saw there fascinated me and my host family was great. They treated me like a member of the family from the very beginning.